Career in the 'FED' company: stability and security!

Today, disbalance is noted on the labor market: domination of economists and lawyers on the background of extreme deficit of skilled engineers. Without the latter the increase in industrial production would be extremely sluggish. Therefore, one of the 'FED' company aims is motivating youth for getting engineering education. Educational programs introduced in the company are the example of an effective interaction between education and production sector.

A unique feature of the 'FED' educational program is combining theoretical tuition with practical training and the possibility of getting the first job. In particular, students studied the SolidWorks computer-aided design system using CAD applied software packages (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software as part of the educational program.

The 'FED' company educational programs are intended to help technical writers to discover advantages of engineering occupation once again.

- Future of a modern company is determined by the first daring step. Therefore, the 'FED' company is following the route of search, probation and introduction of new prospective business lines, technologies, equipment, units for aviation and space vehicles. 'We are always open for young, skilled engineers and managers', – said the chairman of the 'FED' company Viktor Popov.

The 'FED' company is modern enterprise with production complying with world quality standards, with European work conditions, with monthly salary of a skilled engineer reaching 18-30 thousand hryvnas.

Cooperation of 'FED', JSC with NAU 'KhAI' on personnel training

The continuous process of equipment and technology upgrading in contemporary production facilities requires training highly qualified and enterprizing professionals. That is why, integration of Higher educational institutions and production is a natural precondition for educating a high competence professional.

Commitment to long-term and mutually beneficial relations of the higher educational institutions with the enterprise as partners, requires new approaches, perfection of the forms and methods of cooperation in this field.

The management of 'FED', JSC considers the implementation of a mixed form of education which is the combination of the educational program and labor activity as a way out of this situation. Since 2014, the program of students training to operate high-tech CNC equipment has been implemented which is combined with study in KhAI.

The enterprise managed to find possibility of paying senior students for their work using contractual form of cooperation.

This was done for senior engineering students who were admitted to work (combining work and studies) according to the chosen specialization.

Apart from CNC machines operators traditional training, one more group (10 people) was created in 2017 to perform prospective work in the company design bureau detachments and who are given thorough tuition in CAD module of SolidWorks program.

Taking the students propositions on their further job placement, the enterprise took a pledge of paying the contract to junior students for the entire period of their study in KhAI. Career in the 'FED' company: stability and security!