Quality control

Modern system of quality management

Consistent high quality and safety of the products manufactured by the FED company are ensured by the functioning of modern system of quality management.

The quality management system was implemented in the company in 2014, it is being constantly developed and has become an integral part of both the strategic and operational management of the enterprise at all levels.

The compliance of the quality control system with modern requirements of has been established based on results of customers’ audits, the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine (SAAU), the Authority for Regulation of Activities of State Aviation of Ukraine (ARASAU), Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine and has been confirmed by the relevant certificates.

The Quality Management System is intended for the unconditional fulfillment of customers’ requirements and prevention of any inconsistencies.


A distinctive feature of the FED company is its unique approach to working with its customers. The company provides customers with the opportunity to monitor the implementation of their order and make adjustments to meet the requirements of the modern aerospace market.



A smooth interaction of the processes of the system and structural units of the FED company, availability of the modern material base, advanced technology, qualified and well-motivated staff, compliance with the requirements of the production processes with aviation legislation requirements ensure the quality of products that meet customers’ requirements.

The FED company informs its customers about all the stages of the manufacturing of the products that contributes to their satisfaction and reduces the customers’ risks that ensures the company’s advantages in the aerospace market.

The Deputy Chairman of the Board for Quality Management and Certification is responsible for further development, management and improvement of the quality control system of the FED company and manages the functioning of the following:

  • Department of Internal Audits;
  • Engineering Supervision Board;
  • Quality Control and Certification Service;
  • Office of the Chief Metrologist.

The system of internal audits, monitoring and risk assessment ensure a timely response to potential deviations at all the stages of the manufacturing of the products in order to prevent them.

The main objective of the Engineering Supervision Board is to prevent the output by the enterprise of the products that do not comply with requirements of the customers and technical documentation, to strengthen the production discipline and to increase the responsibility of all the parts of the production for quality of the products.

The Quality Control and Certification Service provides maintenance and a continuous improvement of quality management system in accordance with national, European and international standards and aviation regulations of Ukraine in order to improve the efficiency of overall management that ensures competitiveness in the aerospace industry. It cooperates with the competent authorities for certification on all aspects of the approval of the products developed by the company, monitors the implementation in the design and characteristics of the products of requirements of airworthiness standards and environmental protection. It ensures the organization, organizational supervision, coordination and control over the work on ensuring reliability of products under development.

The Office of the Chief Metrologist is responsible for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the design, manufacture, maintenance and testing of the products manufactured by the company. Metrological confirmation (calibration/verification) of measuring equipment is carried out by the laboratory for calibration of measuring equipment of the company that is authorized by the Central Agency for Standardization and Metrology of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for verification of measuring instruments, including metrological activities in the field of defense.

The functioning of the quality management system ensures the company's ability to fulfill all the requirements of the customers, to perform in a stable manner design, development, manufacturing, and supply of the products and to provide services on maintenance of the products by complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

Measuring equipment group

The company uses cutting-edge measuring equipment. The manufacturing of parts is checked at all stages, starting from testing of materials when they are delivered to the company and ending with the of quality control of the packaging of finished products.

At the stage of incoming control, the chemical composition of the material is checked by means of the spectral analysis on the SpectrolabLavm installation, and mechanical properties are checked with the use of the INSTRON installation.

To control the parts of various shapes and configurations with high requirements for accuracy of dimensions and tolerances of forms, in addition to the universal measuring devices, the following precision equipment is used: HOMMEL-ETAMIC, MarhGMX, Jenoptik, Wenzel, MarhVision, the accuracy of which reaches 0.01 microns.