The future of the modern enterprise starts with the first courageous step. Thus, we move forward by searching, testing and implementing promising new lines of business, new technologies, new equipment, new units for aviation and space, education of young and skilled engineers, managers and designers.

    On the initiative of JSC “FED”, Innovative Aerospace Cluster “Mechatronics” consisting of the leading aerospace enterprises of Ukraine, higher educational establishments, design and research organizations was created. The leaders of these companies signed the foundation memorandum, and today we discuss directions of our joint activities. One of the main advantages of the Cluster mechanism is combining of technological, industrial, financial, labor and other resources with minimal financial cost to the state.

    Cooperation within the Cluster is one of the most effective mechanisms that help to increase the rates of development of individual industries and the economy as a whole.

    In evidence in favor of the cluster system is the fact that today the modern high-tech product is an integral product that requires diverse technological, industrial and intellectual capabilities. Aerospace Innovation Cluster “Mechatronics” is located in the center of the most important economic region and is one of the largest epicenters of aerospace activities.

    Aerospace Innovation Cluster “Mechatronics” has the ideal location for logistics, resource, intellectual and industrial potential.

    The main purpose of the Cluster’s policy is to ensure high rates of economic growth and diversification of the economy by increasing the competitiveness of enterprises, suppliers of equipment, parts, specialized production and maintenance services, research and educational organizations forming territorial and industrial clusters.

    All this can be considered as components of the synergistic effect of clustering, under which revenues from sharing resources exceed the amount of income from the separate use of the same resources.

    Aerospace Innovation Cluster “Mechatronics” is an alliance of Ukrainian enterprises and academic organizations that have been cooperating for many years in the creation of modern aviation and space systems — all enterprises and organizations, the activities of which are based on a synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics and computer technology.

    The main objectives of the cluster are:

    • to increase the competitive ability and economic potential of the Cluster’s members through the implementation of the potential of effective interaction throughout the life cycle of the Cluster’s products;

    • to create a broad access to innovations and new technological solutions, including the provision of technology transfer;

    • to create new highly skilled jobs in industries;

    • to reduce transaction costs that ensure the formation of the prerequisites for implementing joint co-operation projects and productive competition;

    • to improve external economic integration and increase international competitiveness of members of the innovation cluster by including the Cluster and its members into the global value chain;

    • to create a pool of opportunities for launching joint investment projects, including easier access of the Cluster’s members to financial resources;

    • to encourage development of industrial, organizational and financial cooperation within the Cluster.

  • Approved Board of the Cluster

    President of Innovative Aerospace Cluster «Mechatronics»:

    V. V. Popov, – Candidate of Engineering Science, Chairman of the Board of JSC “FED”.

    Vice Presidents:

    V. О. Bohuslaiev, – Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, President of JSC “Motor Sich”.

    І. F. Kravchenko –Doctor of Engineering Science, Designer General and Director of State Enterprise “Ivchenko-Progress”.

    Scientific Secretary of the Board of the Cluster:

    В. А. Fadieiev – Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, Deputy Chairman of the Board Scientific Affairs of JSC “FED”.


    of participants of Aerospace Innovation Cluster “Mechatronics”

    1. Joint-Stock Company “FED”, Kharkiv

    Joint-Stock Company “FED” is the leading association of several enterprises of Ukraine engaged in development, mass production, repair and maintenance of units for hydraulic, fuel and electrical systems of aviation technology. Aviation units manufactured by the FED company are used in aircraft engines of various series and versions, are used successfully on aircrafts for military and civil use of such famous brands as Su, MiG, An, Tu, Yak, IL, Mi, Ka, Be and operated in more than 60 countries.

    JSC “FED” has modern production facilities and highly qualified staff, is ready to consider offers of aerospace firms on the organization of joint production, production of licensed products intended for the use in aviation and other forms of joint activities.

    2. State Enterprise “Antonov”, Kyiv

    State Enterprise “Antonov” implements a complete cycle of creation of the modern aircraft. Qualified staff, the design engineering department, complex of laboratories, experimental plant and testing facility allow solving various problems of development and certification of aircrafts, interact with manufacturers of all types of Antonov aircrafts.

    3. Joint Stock Company «Motor Sich», Zaporizhzhia

    The company produces reliable aircraft engines and gas turbine installations that are competitive on the world market. The company's products are operated on airplanes and helicopters intended for various purposes, in more than 100 countries.

    Development and implementation of modern technologies based on the latest achievements of science and technology, professional, fully qualified and cohesive team, a unique production base, resources, an effective management strategy — all this is a springboard for success and sustainability.

    4. State Enterprise “Ivchenko-Progress”, Zaporizhzhia

    Scope of activities: design, manufacture of prototypes, testing of industrial prototypes, logistical support of flight testing of industrial prototypes; design supervision of production and operation of serial aircraft engines and series-production engine aircraft engines and design of modifications of engine aircraft engines for civil and military applications; maintenance, overhaul and midlife repair of aircraft engines and manufacturing of components for them; design, production, repair and maintenance of gas turbine drives for industrial use; design, installation and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment.

    Aircraft engines developed by SE “Ivchenko-Progress” are used on 60 types of aircrafts in over 100 countries. The overall running hours operation of gas turbine engines is more than 300 million hours.

    5. State-owned enterprise Kharkov Machine-Building Plant FED, Kharkov city

    Now, the enterprise dominates in Ukraine in serial production, repair, and upgrading of units for hydraulic, fuel and electrical systems for aircraft engineering.

    The enterprise products are unique, since they are distinguished for scientific content and technological level of production, are used virtually at all types of aircrafts and helicopters manufactured in CIS and operated in more than 60 countries of the world. State-owned FED KhMZ participates in customized units design and offers already existing products designed for airborne vehicles of the new generation.

    6. State Enterprise “Kharkiv Aggregate Design Bureau”, Kharkiv

    SE “Kharkiv Aggregate Design Bureau” that is a part of State Concern “Ukroboronprom” deals with development and production of new types of aviation technology: drives for aircraft control systems, fuel units, pumping stations, electric motors, hydraulic units, electromagnets, and induction sensors. The company in engaged in design support and licensing of serial production.

    Units developed by SE “Kharkiv Aggregate Design Bureau” are successfully used on aircrafts Аn-148, Аn-158, Аn-178, Аn-140, Аn-32, Be-200; helicopters Ка-60, Ка-62, Ка-226, and Ansat. Enterprise deals with new developments for air companies of China and India.

    7. Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company, Kharkiv

    Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company was found in 1926. Since that time, company produces various types of civilian and military aircrafts, including fighter trainer MiG-15UTI, Tu-104 that was the first jet airliner of the USSR, and Tu-134 that was the basis of aircraft fleet of the Aeroflot airlines and many other airlines. The advanced technical complex, powerful facilities, huge experience in implementation of new technologies — these are features that can characterize Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company today.

    Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company is one of few manufacturers of aviation equipment with the closed production cycle that allows claiming full responsibility for all stages of the production process and be confident in quality of the final product. Aeronautical equipment manufactured by Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company meets international standards and norms.

    8. State Scientific Production Enterprise “Kommunar Corporation”, Kharkiv

    The company specializing in production of control systems for carrier rockets and space objects that is conclusive evidence of high technology, quality of products and highly qualified personnel.

    In addition, the company produces a wide range of industrial and consumer goods — from instrumentation for airplane control systems, software and hardware management complexes intended for controlling steam turbines up to industrial and domestic electricity meters, water meters, welding equipment, etc.

    9. Engineering Design Bureau «POLISVIT», Kharkiv

    Scope of the company’s activities is development and production:

    • Rocket carrier control systems;

    • Control devices for a variety of aircrafts and aircraft engines;

    • Automated process control systems;

    • X-ray scanning customs control systems and fault detectors;

    • Inverter sources of welding current with self-automatic machines.

    The company has a wide experience in the field of development, manufacture and operation of control and test systems for large and complex facilities subject to monitoring.

    10. Public Company “HARTRON”, Kharkiv

    Public Company “HARTRON” is a holding entity comprising Public Company “HARTRON” as the management company and 10 enterprises established with participation of the management company.

    At present, Public Company “HARTRON” operate in market segments such as rocket and space industry, power engineering, including nuclear power engineering, railway transport. The rocket-and-space activities of Public Company “HARTRON” is the priority. The company continues to hold the leading positions and, in some cases, the monopoly position in the market of space technologies.

    11. Private Joint Stock Company “Vovchansk Aggregate Plant”, Vovchansk

    Products manufactured by Private Joint Stock Company "Vovchansk Aggregate Plant” are in great demand and are highly competitive both in Ukraine and abroad.

    The main activities are:

    • Development and manufacturing of fuel equipment, units for control and regulation of gas turbine drives for aviation, oil and gas and power engineering industries;

    • Development and production of hydraulic and combined electro-hydraulic units of aircrafts;

    • Design and manufacture of pneumatic and combined hydraulic and electropneumatic and units of automotive vehicles.

    SE “Research and Design Bureau of General Purpose Aviation” conducts research and production activities in the following areas:

    Experimental-Design Bureau of General Purpose Aviation State-owned Enterprise carries out the following science-based research and production:

    • Production of multipurpose trikes Т-22/32 and powered paragliders P-22/3;

    • Certification and upgrading of light aircrafts SW-01 and SW- 02;

    • Certification, upgrading and development of a family of light multipurpose aircraft Y-1 “Delfin”.

    Independent research and development works in the following areas:

    • Unmanned aircraft systems;

    • Modernization of aircraft Аn-2;

    • Multipurpose, twin-engine aerial platform;

    • Special-purpose aircrafts (manned and unmanned versions).

    13. Private Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovsk Aggregate Plant», Dnipro

    This large machine-building company with 90-years of experience in the field of manufacturing of aviation equipment, hydraulic instruments for mines and consumer goods. Founded in 1927, the company has grown into the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of aircraft units that are used in military and civilian aircraft building. Today, the company is a powerful and mobile high-tech production facility providing the full cycle of manufacturing of aviation units, devices that control mine hydraulics, and special electric drives. Quality and reliability of manufactured products are ensured by design and technological potential of the company and are guaranteed by its quality management system certified for compliance with DSTU ISO 9001-2009 (ISO 9001: 2008, IDT).

    14. Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology, Kyiv

    Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology operates on the specific high technology aircraft building market for nearly 50 years (and was founded in the summer of 1964).

    15. Joint Stock Company “Element”, Odessa

    The main activities are development, modernization, production, testing, certification, repair, life extension and in-service support of the following products:

    • Aviation onboard and ground-based electronic devices;

    • Software and hardware for testing of gas turbine engines;

    • meteorological transducers and meteorological stations for industrial and special purpose;

    • Control systems for wind power engineering;

    • Electronics for military and rocket-and-space equipment.

    • electronic systems for military and rocket and space equipment

    16.Limited Liability Company “Technopark “Slobozhanschyna”, Kharkiv

    17. Scientific Park “FED”, Kharkiv

    18. О. Ya. Usikov Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv

    19. N. Ye. Zhukovsky National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”, Kharkiv

    20. National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kharkiv

    21. Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, Kharkiv

    22. V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv

    23. І. Kozhedub Kharkiv Air Force University, Kharkiv

    24. National Technical University “Dnipro Polytechnic”, Dnipro

    25. Оles Honchar Dnipro National University, Dnipro

    26. National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnipro

  • In 2016, the Board of Cluster “Mechatronics” in cooperation with universities of Kharkiv: V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, N. Zhukovsky National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”, National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, І. I. Kozhedub Kharkiv National University of the Air Forces, took part in regional and international programs:



    3. 'HIGH SYSTEMS FOR NAVIGATON OF AIRCRAFTS based on ground references'


    5. 'Unmanned Aerial Vehicle'

    6. Import substitution.

    7. Diversification

    8. Other.

    took an active part in development of:

    • the strategy for development of high-tech domestic industries till 2025;

    • program for development of aviation industry of Ukraine till 2025;

    • the medium-term plan for priority actions of the Government till 2020;

    • the anti-crisis program.

    In 2016, enterprises of Aerospace Cluster “Mechatronics” (JSC “FED”, State Enterprise “Zaporizhzhia Machine-Building Design Bureau “Progress” , Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology, Н. Zhukovsky National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”) won a grant (for 3 years) under AERO-UA project: “Strategic and Targeted Support of Cooperation between Europe and Ukraine in the field of Aeronautics Research”, Horizon-2020 programme.


    President of the Cluster “Mechatronics”:

    Viktor Vasylovych POPOV

    Tel. +38 (057) 700-50-41

    Scientific Secretary of the Board of the Cluster “Mechatronics”:

    Valerii Andriiovych FADIEIEV

    Tel/fax +38 (057) 719-29-64

    Contact Information:

    132 Sumska street, Kharkiv, 61023

    e-mail: fadeev@fed.com.ua