• Production equipment

    JSC “FED” is equipped with modern precision production equipment of world brands.

    Turning machine cluster:

    Spinner (Germany)
    Weiler (Germany)
    Doosan (South Korea)
    Star (Japan)
    Emco (Austria)


    Milling machine group:

    Spinner (Germany)
    Hermle (Germany)
    Picomax (Switzerland)
    Kovosvit (Czech Republic)
    Picomax и Spinner Picomax и Spinner

    Grinding machine group:

    Kellenberger (Switzerland)
    Studer (Switzerland)
    Reishauer (Switzerland)
    Micromatic (India)
    Klein (Germany)
    ZSS (Germany)
    Studer и Kellenberger

    Spark-erosion equipment group::

    Sodick (Japan)

    Superfinish equipment group:

    Gehring (Germany)
    Sunnen (USA)
    Stahli (Switzerland)
    Thielenhaus (Germany)
    It is capable to refine the geometry of both internal and external surfaces with an accuracy of up to 0.00025 mm.

    Flushing is performed at the following installations:

    BVLMosel (Germany)
    Crest (USA)
    VACUUM-CAST (Poland)
    BVLMosel и Crest BVLMosel и Crest
  • Nanocoating and welding

    Site of Special Technology

    Technologies based the vacuum-arc application of coatings are widely used in modern machine-building industry, instrument-making industry and other industries due to the ability to form coatings intended for various purposes (strengthening, wear-resistant, protective coatings etc.) with properties that cannot be often achieved by using other methods of coating application. JSC “FED” developed multiple-component, multi-layered, superhard, anti-friction, wear resistant coatings to enhance performance of various parts used in machine engineering and engine-building in terms of wear and fatigue in corrosion environments, etc. On the basis of these coatings, the company developed more than 30 technologies for application of multi-layered low-temperature (≤ 150–200 °C) coatings to improve reliability and service life of friction pairs in mechanical engineering industry.

    Coating Avinit C 320 and Avinit C 310 and technology of their application are patented in Ukraine, Russia and the European Union. The developed technologies are introduced into mass production at JSC “FED”. Using of developed coatings and methods of their application allow to increase the service life and reliability of units produced and developed now by several times. For example, the use of slide valves coated with Avinit C 320 in the hydraulic units allowed to increase their life from 50 h to 4000 h. The use of coatings Avinit C 310 in friction pairs of the units increased their resource from 200 h to 2,000 h.

  • Equipment of the EEB

    The Electrical Engineering Bay ensures the manufacture of sensors and components required for completing products. The bay is equipped with high-tech equipment. The following types of works are performed at the Electrical Engineering Bay.
  • Thermal and Metallurgical Equipment

  • Bench equipment that is in operation at the test facilities of JSC “FED”

    Bench for testing of high capacity regulator pumps
    Benches for life time tests of dosing pumps and rpm governors
    Automatic bench ValveExpert for electric hydraulic actuators on hydraulic oil Skydroll
    Automatic bench ValveExpert for electric hydraulic actuators on hydraulic oil FH51
    Bench for testing regulator pumps
    Bench for testing of thermal and pressure accumulators
    Benches for running and adjusting of dosing pumps and guide vane regulators
    Bench for testing of hydraulic motors with variable capacity
    Benches for testing dosing pumps
    Bench for testing units for controlling air bypass valves
    Bench for vacuum filling of special products
    Bench for hydrostatic testing of products and units of all types and modifications with hydraulic oil FH-51
    Fuel bench
    Bench for running in of swivel joints of regulator pumps
    Bench for testing fuel dosing valves
    Thermal vacuum chamber (climatic test bench)
    Thermal vacuum chamber
    Thermal vacuum chamber (climatic test bench)

    'FED', JSC possesses: