• Production equipment

    'FED', JSC is equipped with modern high-precision production equipment from global brands.

    Turning machine group:

    Spinner – Germany
    Weiler – Germany
    Doosan – South Korea
    Star – Japan
    Emco – Austria


    Milling machine group:

    Spinner – Germany
    Hermle – Germany
    Picomax – Switzerland
    Kovosvit – Check Republik
    Picomax и Spinner Picomax и Spinner

    Milling machine group:

    Kellenberger – Switzerland
    Studer – Switzerland
    Reishauer – Switzerland
    Micromatic – India
    Klein – Germany
    ZSS – Germany
    Studer и Kellenberger

    Electroerosion equipment group::

    Sodick – Japan

    Super finishing equipment group:

    Gehring – Germany
    Sunnen – USA
    Stahli – Switzerland
    Thielenhaus – Germany
    Allows to perform finishing machining of both internal and external surfaces shape with precision level up to 0.00025 mm.

    The following units are used to perform washing:

    BVLMosel – Germany
    Crest – USA
    VACUUM-CAST – Poland
    BVLMosel и Crest BVLMosel и Crest
  • Nano-coating and welding

    Special technologies floor

    Technologies based on vacuum-arc coating method are broadly used in modern machine-building, instrument engineering and other production areas due to possibility to form different functional coatings (hardening, wear-resistant, protective and other) with properties often superior to other coating methods. 'FED', JSC has developed multicomponent, multilayer superhard antifrictional wear-resistant coatings to enhance performance of different parts for units and engines construction, the parts being operated for wear and fatigue in corrosive environments, etc. More than 30 technologies dedicated to multilayer, low-temperature coatings (≤ 150-200°С) to increase reliability and increasing work operation resource of friction couples have been developed in units manufacture.

    Avinit C 320 and Avinit C 310 coatings, as well as their technologies were patented in Ukraine, Russia and European Union. The developed technologies have been introduced into 'FED', JSC serial production. The use of developed coatings and their application technologies allows to increase durability and operation reliability of units manufactured and developed by the enterprise by factors. Thus, the use of Avinit C 320-coated sliding valves in hydraulic units allowed to increase the operation resource from 50 to 4,000 hours. The use of Avinit C 310 coatings in friction couples of units increased their operation resource from 200 to 2000 hours.

  • Equipment for electrical engineering floor

    Electrical engineering floor produces sensors and assembly parts needed for completing the products manufactured. The floor has high-tech equipment. The following works are perfomed at electrical engineering floor.
  • Thermal and metallurgical equipment

  • Test-bench equipment which is in operation at 'FED', JSC testing complex.

    Test-bench for testing high-performance fuel control units
    Test-benches for dosing pumps and speed governors durability tests
    ValveExpert automatic test-bench for electrical amplifiers using Skydroll hydraulic oil
    ValveExpert automatic test-bench for electrical amplifiers using FH51 hydraulic oil
    Test-benches for testing fuel control units
    Test-bench for testing thermal-hydraulic accumulators
    The test-benches for running tests and adjustment of fuel dosing pumps and distributor motors adjusters
    The test-bench for testing hydro-motors with variable performance
    Test-benches for dosing pumps
    Test-bench for air bleed valves control units
    Test-bench for vacuum filling of special products
    The test-bench for pressing products and nodes of all types and modifications where FH-51 hydraulic oil is used.
    Fuel test-bench
    The test-bench is designed for fuel control units  pumping units
    Test-benches for fuel metering units
    Thermal-vacuum chamber
    Heat chamber
    Thermal-vacuum chamber

    'FED', JSC possesses: