1927 - 1945

The company history is inseparably connected with Kharkov machine-building plant 'FED'.

On December 29, 1927 ceremonial opening of children's labor commune after Felix Dzerzhinsky took place. Anton Semenovich Makarenko was invited to head the commune as the outstanding educator, scholar and public man. In 1932, a plant was started based on the commune mechanic shop. The first products manufactured by the plant were electric drills that were much sought after in the Soviet Union at that time.

In 1934, on the commune territory the second plant was founded to manufacture the first portable film cameras in the Soviet Union – 'FED'.

In 1938 two plants of the commune were merged into industrial complex, and in 1941 it was farmed out to aviation industry having given to it a new name – State Union Plant after F. E. Dzerzhinsky. Since that time, aviation engineering has become the plant's major business line.

During the Great Patriotic War, the plant was evacuated to the town of Berdsk, and within the shortest time period it started to produce much sought after artillery panoramic sights, trench periscopes and breech sights for sniper rifles, and the than unique direct-injection fuel pumps for injecting fuel into cylinders of LA-5 and La-7 aviation engines which made Soviet combat aircrafts superior to enemy aviation.

1950 - 1970

During the post-war period, the plant contined to manufacture equipment for aviation industry, and soon afterwards, it started to produce equipment for space industry and other machine building branches.

Development and serial production of 'NP-26M' piston pump, 'GM-287' hydromotor, 'NP-27' unit, 'NS-45' pump station for 'Tu-134' airplane, units 'ADT-24', 'ND-24', VS-1A' for aircrafts An-24, An-26.

At the same time, production of 'FED' series cameras was going on. Famous compact cameras of 'FED-5' series, automatic cameras 'FED-Micron', 'FED-Micron-2', 'FED-35', 'FED-50', 'FED-Stereo' stereo cameras and other photo accessories were designed and serially manufactured.

1971 - 1990

By order of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR No. 403 of October 31, 1971, Machine-Building Association was created comprising the Order of the Labor Red Banner-Kharkov Machine-Building Plant after F.E. Dzerzhinsky', 'Pervomaisk Machine-Building Plant', 'Volchansk Unit-Building Plant', 'Kharkov Design Bureau of Machine-Building Plant after F. E. Dzerzhinsky'. In compliance with the Order of Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR No. 118 of March 22, 1973, 'Kharkov Production Machine-Building Association 'FED' was organized.

On March 19, 1990, by the Order of Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR No. 117 'Kharkov Production Machine-Building Association 'FED' was reorganized into 'Kharkov Research and Production Association 'FED'.

Along with aerospace units, the plant produces a wide range of consumer goods: The 'FED' cameras of various modifications, pruners, hydraulic cutters, mixers.

1993 - 1997

By order of the Ministry of Machine Building, the military-industrial complex and conversion of Ukraine “Minmashprom of Ukraine” No. 486 of September 3, 1993, the Research and Production Corporation of 'FED' State Enterprises was established, which included: Kharkov Machine-Building Plant 'FED'

  • Kharkov Units Design Bureau
  • Pervomaisk Machine-Building Plant
  • Volchansk Unit-Building Plant.

Research and Production Corporation of State Enterprises 'FED' became the successor of the 'FED' Research and Production Association.

Since that time, manufacture of all types of cameras has been ceased and aerospace units production becomes the major business line of the corporation.

1998 - -2005

In 1998, Research and Production Corporation State Enterprise 'FED' was reorganized into Joint-Stock Company 'FED Corporation', and since 2007, the company name has been the 'FED'.

During this period, the company was engaged in upgrading the main airborne units: fuel control units 'NR-3 VМ (VМ-А)' to 'НР-3 ВМ-Т (ВМА-Т)' to use in tropical climate conditions on TV3-117 VМ (VМ-А) engine. Production of 'GP-26', 'ND-450' units for 'AI-450' engine, 'NDMS2', 'AUKPV-MS2' units for 'AI-450MS' engine, 'DT-400' unit for 'MS-400' engine was mastered.

The production of brake systems units for railway transport rolling stock, the production of the unit 'RM-140' unit for 'An-140' aircraft is carried out.

2005 - 2018

The 'FED' company received a certificate of ISO quality standards for the production and overhaul of aircraft, ships, land vehicles units.

During this period, the company participated in the creation of the Ukrainian 'An-148' aircraft. 19 types of units for 'An-148' aircraft, 'AOD-42', 'NT-40', 'DTsN-42', 'RS-42', 'NT-4', 'DF-42', 'ADT-42', 'NT-12' were designed and produced.

Engine control systems for the 'AI-222-25F' engine were developed, 'NR-3VM (VM-A') fuel control unit in the 'NR-3BN' was upgraded.

The company has developed flight control systems for the first Ukrainian boost engine. The units were developed for the Ukrainian 'AI-450S' engine mounted on a 'DART-450' light-engined aircraft (produced by the Austrian company Diamond).

The 'FED' continues to work on the cooling systems production for telecommunication satellites of the Franco-Italian company 'Thales Alenia Space'.

The first Ukrainian helicopter MSB-2 'Nadiya' is equipped with units of the 'FED' production company.

The Present

The 'FED' Company ('FED', PJSC) is one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine, whose specialization is the development, production, maintenance and repair of aerospace and general engineering units. Flight control systems manufactured by the 'FED' company are crucial factor in ensuring the aircrafts and helicopters safety. The company's units are successfully used on aircrafts and helicopters of Ukrainian and foreign origin.

The 'FED' company possesses a modern metal processing equipment fleet which makes it possible for the company to manufacture products complying with the highest world standards and to successfuly compete on the international aviation market.

The 'FED' company is one of the leading exporters of aerospace machine-building products. More than 60% the 'FED' company products are dedicated to exporting. The company products are exported to European Union countries, China, South Korea, India, UAE. The company is engaged in cooperation with the USA, Canada, Brazil to implement joint aircraft industry projects.

The 'FED' company is a patent holder of a number of innovative machine building technologies used in aerospace industry. Many countries of the world have already implemented the 'FED' company's innovative solutions in civil, transport aviation, helicopter construction, and space vehicles.

In 2016 the 'FED' company ('FED', PJSC) successfully completed certification audit procedure and received certificates of conformity with quality management system requirements for international standards (AS/EN 9100:2009 No.6186490-Rev1) for design, development, serial production and repair of aerospace industry products. The 'FED' company is the only Ukrainian aerospace enterprise possessing this certificate.

The 'FED' company was awarded the Ukraine's State premium for scientific and technological achievements, construction and introduction into operation aircrafts of An-148-100/An-158 family.