Quality control

Modern quality management system

The 'FED' company constantly improves quality management system. All production processes comply with aviation regulations requirements. The company has introduced a flexible quality management system which allows to meet customers and products consumers requirements.

The 'FED' distinctive feature is a unique system of customer care. The customer is involved in the production process at the initial stages, therefore, the company provides a customer with opportunity to exercise control of order execution, to introduce amendments meeting the requirements of the modern aerospace market.

The modern quality management system ensures timely response to various deviations that occur during production process with the purpose of their removal. The 'FED' informs customers of all production stages that encourages improvement of mutual relations with the parties concerned, raising the customer satisfaction level, while offering the company advantages on the aerospace market.

Instrumentation equipment group

The enterprise operates edge-cutting instrumentation equipment. Parts production control is effected at all stages from input material check to quality control of the ready products packing.

At the input control, material chemical composition is checked using spectral analysis by SpectrolabLavm unit and mechanical properties are checked by INSTRON unit.


To control parts with different shapes and geometry, with tough requirements for dimensions and tolerances, the following precision equipment is used apart from universal instrumentation equipment: HOMMEL-ETAMIC, MarhGMX, Jenoptik, Wenzel, MarhVision whose precision level reaches 0.01 μm.



Operational and maintenance support

Operational and maintenance support department examines units returned from the operating entities (consumer enterprises) on a regular basis, in accordance with faults detected during operation.

The unit returned to the enterprise and withdrawn from operation, is accepted by examination board for examination in order to evaluate its appearance, completeness which is followed by execution of an act in accordance with the procedure established at the enterprise. The next stage is the unit examination in compliance with program approved at the enterprise in accordance with the established procedure, which includes:

  • test fluid purity analysis, and washing off from the unit's filtering elements
  • in the environmental research laboratory
  • confirmation of non-conformity stated by the customer
  • at the test-bench
  • complete or partial unit disassembly
  • fault detection (external examination) of parts and assembly units of the disassembled unit in order to detect a cause for non-conformity in the unit's operation
  • measurements of parts and assembly units in the laboratory of operational measurements for parameters deviations from the design documentation requirements
  • analysis of data obtained and execution of examination report with issuance, if necessary, a list corrective and preventive actions.

Unit restoration, predelivery and commissioning tests, its packing and transfer to the enterprise warehouse within the term not exceeding 15 days are performed based on the examination report.

In this case, operational and maintenance service controls research and restoration process from the moment the unit is delivered to the enterprise warehouse to the moment of its shipment to a consumer (customer).

In order to prevent aviation vehicles stanby due to their units failure and impossibility of their restoration in the conditions of the operating entity (enterprise-consumer), operational and maintenance department possesses rotating pool from which, when it is necessary, a unit is dispatched to the address of the operating entity within the shortest possible term.

The operational and maintenance department maintains continuous interaction with operating entities (consumer enterprises) 24 hours a day, manages and carries out operations on non-conformities analysis and removal.

The removal of units non- conformities whose warranty term has already expired, is performed based on individual contracts with consumers within life cycle and established durability and serveces terms.