1998 - 2005

In 1998, Research and Production Corporation State Enterprise 'FED' was reorganized into Joint-Stock Company 'FED Corporation', and since 2007, the company name has been the 'FED'.

During this period, the company was engaged in upgrading the main airborne units: fuel control units 'NR-3 VМ (VМ-А)' to 'НР-3 ВМ-Т (ВМА-Т)' to use in tropical climate conditions on TV3-117 VМ (VМ-А) engine. Production of 'GP-26', 'ND-450' units for 'AI-450' engine, 'NDMS2', 'AUKPV-MS2' units for 'AI-450MS' engine, 'DT-400' unit for 'MS-400' engine was mastered.

The production of brake systems units for railway transport rolling stock, the production of the unit 'RM-140' unit for 'An-140' aircraft is carried out.